Name of Station: Totterdown, Bristol, UK

Station Date is 18/01/20 Time 17:31 BST

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  • Daily Data (please note all times are in BST or GMT. British summer time (BST - last weekend in March to last weekend in October is GMT minus 1 hour).

    The current Temperature reading is 5.4C Daily Rain since 00:00 hours 0.2 mm
    Highest Temperature since 00:00 hours 7.1C Time 14:09 Rain Rate 0.0 mm
    Lowest Temperature since 00:00 hours 1.0C Time 8:38 High Rain Rate 0.2 mm Time 4:00
    The current Humidity reading is 74% High Rain Rate Hour 0.0 mm/hr
    Highest Humidity since 00:00 hours 99%  Time 10:47 The current Barometer reading is 1031.6 mb
    Lowest Humidity since 00:00 hours 69%  Time 14:50 3-Hour Barometer Trend = Rising Rapidly
    The Dew Point is 1.2C Highest Barometer reading since 00:00 hours 1031.6 mb Time 17:29
    Highest Dew Point since 00:00 hours 5.6C Time 12:24 Lowest Barometer reading since 00:00 hours 1020.9 mb Time 0:00
    Lowest Dew Point since 00:00 hours 0.6C Time 7:31 The current Wind Speed reading is 0.0 mph
    The current Solar Radiation reading is 0 W/m The 10 Minute Average Wind Speed is 0.0 mph
    High Solar Radiation 369 W/m Time 12:36 Highest Wind Speed since 00:00 hours 7.0 mph Time 0:08
    The current UV reading is 0.0 index Wind Direction In Degrees 15
    Highest UV reading since 00:00 hours 0.0 index Time ---- Wind Direction Sector (16-point compass) NNE


    Monthly Data

    Highest monthly Temperature 14.2C Monthly Rain 84.2 mm
    Lowest monthly Temperature 1.0C High Monthly Rain Rate 180.0 mm
    Highest Monthly Humidity 100% Highest Monthly Barometer 1035.5 mb
    Lowest Monthly Humidity 65% Lowest Monthly Barometer 987.3 mb
    Highest Monthly Dew Point 12.8 C Highest Monthly Wind Speed 45.0 mph
    Lowest Monthly Dew Point 0.6 C Highest Monthly Solar Radiation 425 W/m
    Monthly ET 10.29 High monthly UV 0.0 index


    Yearly Data

    Highest annual Temperature to date 14.2C Annual Rainfall to date 84.2 mm
    Lowest annual Temperature to date 1.0C High Annual Rain Rate 180.0 mm
    Highest Annual Humidity 100% Highest Annual Barometer 1035.5 mb
    Lowest Annual Humidity 65% Lowest Annual Barometer 987.3 mb
    Highest Annual Dew Point 12.8 C Highest Annual Wind Speed 45.0 mph
    Lowest Annual Dew Point 0.6 C Highest Annual Solar Radiation 425 W/m
    Annual ET 10.29 High annual UV 0.0 index