Name of Station: Totterdown, Bristol, UK

Station Date is 25/02/20 Time 12:11 BST

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  • Daily Data (please note all times are in BST or GMT. British summer time (BST - last weekend in March to last weekend in October is GMT minus 1 hour).

    The current Temperature reading is 6.2C Daily Rain since 00:00 hours 3.0 mm
    Highest Temperature since 00:00 hours 7.3C Time 0:02 Rain Rate 0.0 mm
    Lowest Temperature since 00:00 hours 4.2C Time 11:19 High Rain Rate 15.0 mm Time 11:13
    The current Humidity reading is 92% High Rain Rate Hour 0.0 mm/hr
    Highest Humidity since 00:00 hours 92%  Time 11:47 The current Barometer reading is 1000.0 mb
    Lowest Humidity since 00:00 hours 73%  Time 10:08 3-Hour Barometer Trend = Falling Slowly
    The Dew Point is 5.0C Highest Barometer reading since 00:00 hours 1005.6 mb Time 0:14
    Highest Dew Point since 00:00 hours 5.0C Time 12:00 Lowest Barometer reading since 00:00 hours 1000.0 mb Time 11:59
    Lowest Dew Point since 00:00 hours 2.2C Time 10:05 The current Wind Speed reading is 20.0 mph
    The current Solar Radiation reading is 192 W/m The 10 Minute Average Wind Speed is 8.0 mph
    High Solar Radiation 587 W/m Time 11:55 Highest Wind Speed since 00:00 hours 26.0 mph Time 10:09
    The current UV reading is 0.0 index Wind Direction In Degrees 210
    Highest UV reading since 00:00 hours 1.0 index Time 11:37 Wind Direction Sector (16-point compass) SSW


    Monthly Data

    Highest monthly Temperature 13.8C Monthly Rain 127.8 mm
    Lowest monthly Temperature 0.4C High Monthly Rain Rate 105.6 mm
    Highest Monthly Humidity 100% Highest Monthly Barometer 1038.0 mb
    Lowest Monthly Humidity 51% Lowest Monthly Barometer 984.6 mb
    Highest Monthly Dew Point 12.8 C Highest Monthly Wind Speed 51.0 mph
    Lowest Monthly Dew Point -2.8 C Highest Monthly Solar Radiation 708 W/m
    Monthly ET 29.21 High monthly UV 1.4 index


    Yearly Data

    Highest annual Temperature to date 14.2C Annual Rainfall to date 232.4 mm
    Lowest annual Temperature to date -2.3C High Annual Rain Rate 180.0 mm
    Highest Annual Humidity 100% Highest Annual Barometer 1049.0 mb
    Lowest Annual Humidity 51% Lowest Annual Barometer 984.6 mb
    Highest Annual Dew Point 12.8 C Highest Annual Wind Speed 51.0 mph
    Lowest Annual Dew Point -2.8 C Highest Annual Solar Radiation 708 W/m
    Annual ET 45.72 High annual UV 1.4 index